VR-4 boost gauge operation

Hey! Quick question (hopefully). I have searched other forums such as 3si about this question but found the amount of knowledge lacking, so here it is.

How does the boost gauge in the center gauge cluster calculate boost, and how does the wastegate solenoid know when to open?

I know that the ECM runs the gauge and it technically isn’t ‘measuring’ boost, but rather calculating it. I’ve heard some say that the ECM specifically the flashable ones has a table of values displayed as %-load per RPM that then sends the result to the center gauge cluster (and probably solenoid)?

Any additional knowledge is sure to help me in researching this further! People say its nothing but a load gauge, but surely the ECM references sensors that allows it to approximate boost?

Not such a quick question I guess from the time it has remained unanswered. I am afraid that I don’t have the answer either. As quoted in the matrix film ‘I know only what I need to know’ and so far I haven’t needed to know the answer. However, you have intrigued me so I will try to find an answer if I get a few minutes spare.


Haha well thanks for the quote. I’ll continue searching around as this topic seems fairly obscure for most.

From this PDF: https://www.3sx.com/Images/uploaded/Service%20Manuals/Technical-Information-Manual-3000GT-1993.pdf


In all my searching, I found no one that could reference this info for me. This is amazingly good information.