Visor Blanking Caps / General CAD Expertise/3DP/RP

I’ve been working on some 3D printed parts.

My sun visors were in poor condition and being a fair height my hair sometimes touches the roof. I just felt like they were in the way. Personally I much prefer the interior without the visors as if there is sun I can just move my eye level up and down like I do in the MX-5 - so I created these blanking caps.

All finished now and I can’t wait to fit them when I get the GTO back from Westfields soon. I will follow up with a fitted photo.

I have an extra set if anybody is interested to buy and could arrange more to be made.

If any other CAD Expertise/3DP/RP parts are needed, do get in touch I would be willing to help.

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Wow really nice finish.

My boot clip that holds the cover snapped the other day.

I have modelled it, just not had time to print it.
Great idea to sand down the pla. Never thought it would come out that well.

What did you model the parts in?

Thanks man - yeah I used to work in hard modelling, turning 3d printed parts into concept car show car parts, most of the details are done in the primer!

I modelled the parts in Rhino 3D as I find that the best way to get a sealed polysurface for printing, I also use Catia and Alias sometimes


Nice one James. Are you aware that you can lower the seat by about 2 inches if height is a problem. It involves removing the seat and reversing a bracket. An easy fix for tall people.

Awesome, yea I also use Rhino for the very same reason, CATIA is just mind bending…that’s if you can afford the license in the first place.:joy:

Sorry last question, which filler primer did you use? :sunglasses:

thank you Joe! No I didn’t know this! would make a lot of sense, I had to do something about the nasty visors, I’m not sure if this car came with a black headlining or mine was dyed black, could explain the visors. headlining still looks great though

this one mate

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This is obviously something I’ve missed completely.
When you find the time, Joe, could you please give us a few more details?
Are there any drawbacks in terms of function, does it work with the electric driver seat, are any modifications needed etc. etc?

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I have only done it with drivers electric seats. It allows the seat to go low to lower rather than low to high. No extra parts required. Everything can be easily put back to standard easily. I will try to stick a video together when I get some free time. I am working on a set of other videos at the moment.


This sounds like the best life hack available for these cars!
Thanks Joe, much appreciated!

Yeah, I’m not tall but I like to sit back and low. Joe mentioned this to me a while back and it’s made all the difference. Takes less than an hour to do.

Could do with some coverds that cover the screw on the sidelights? Paddy

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I think EE has them available.

They’re discontinued now bro