VIN I'd number on my 1993 GTO

Hey guys, question, I’ve bought my first GTO last month from the UK, but with very little history attached.
I’m trying to look up history and get the exact model for parts etc using VIN code breaker but its telling me my VIN should be 17 digits long, but the code on the registration form under VIN is only 11. Any ideas ?

Hi there, could it be because it’s an import? If it is a jap import that is.

Hey Spursman, yes it’s a jap import manual non turbo. Is there a way of finding all relevant details of my car with the VIN that I have ?

Hi there , tbh I’m not sure but I know anytime I give my reg or vin to a motor factors place it pretty much draws a blank. I’m sure there are people on this forum who might know better than me.

Just a tip. Never allow a motor factors to supply parts solely based on the vin or reg number in the UK. They go by what your vehicle is registered as by dvla and not what it truly is. For instance, my car comes up as a 4wd TT but it is actually fwd na. With mitsubishi dealers they use the correct vin to find the exact part for your individual car.
If you email mitsubishi japan, they will issue a 17 digit vin number for your car. I am sure there is another way of decoding the shorter vin but I don’t know it.


Thanks for that Joe.

Perfect thanks a mill Joe / spursman I’ll give that a go

Its 12 remember to put - in Z16A-0017152 mines November 1993 and 0018…

Thanks Greena28, Hopefully i’ll get some info on the car now going forward.

Hi Pken if you go to this link : it will take you to the parts site I use, I have made the link for your particular Vin number, it will give you build date and options it came with from new, I don’t know how accurate the info is all I can tell you its spot on for my car.

Hope this helps
Best Regards

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Thanks a million for that Brillo, ! much appreciated

You are welcome sir, glad to be of service

Hi Guys I’m trying to find Mitsubishi motors Japan email address to obtain some info for my car but I can’t, any ideas ? Thanks

Hey Spiros, I sent an email to them two years ago, but got no reply. I’ve tried to find the email address I sent it too but couldn’t. I too would like a contact address that might help with some information.

Type your frame/chassis number into here and click search. It will show the exact spec it was built with.

This is for parts as Brillo pointed out above , I’m looking for info i.e engine number !

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Engine is a 6g72. What other number do you need for it?

He means the engine unique number … not the engine type designation

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