Verdict on these cheap exhaust manifold/downpipe


Any of you guys tried out these kits from eBay

If so what do you make of it? Cheap nasty stuff or is it ok ?

With that price, it really would not matter if it was :poop: but it can also be a fine alternative again regarding the price, and the fact that oem parts are becoming more and more scarce, and especially exhaust parts which are more or less impossible to source in original condition… I have been searching for 3 years and still not found a replacement for my car.

Stay away cheap crap nothing better than stock manifold headers !

I bought a cheap eBay stainless exhaust (not for a GTO/3000GT) about 12 years ago. One of the welds failed after about 6 months. Perhaps quality has improved since then or maybe I was unlucky? Either way, I’ve been a bit sceptical ever since. Expect to do a bit of fettling and swearing if you do try to fit one!

Thanks guys I will stay clear