Veilside Spoiler

Probably a long shot but if anyone has a Veilside spoiler laying around I would be interested.

Happy to travel or willing to pay shipping

Located Durham UK,

Hi Ryzo,
I havnt got the Veilside spoiler, - but if any good to you, weve got the 3 piece spoiler - Center piece MR264980, Left & Right pieces MR264983 & MR264984
complete with 3rd brake light with wiring, all brackets, nuts and bolts.


Mainly just after the Veilside or similar to cover the existing holes in the centre thanks for the reply though

Hi Ross can you send some pics I may be interested

Hi KyleCAB95,

got some pics on my old phone of the spoiler on the car,
please send a phone number and i`ll do phone to phone,

Sure thing WhatsApp me if you have it at 07511941307

Hi, i have a Veilside spoiler that i may be intersted in selling. It does need a bit of work and repaint but general condition is good