Vapor blasting and TFC coatings

Greetings to All, I stated this thread on the general category but shall be posting pictures in this category moving forward. As I have mentioned earlier, I do vapor blasting and ceramic coating at home as a DIY and not a business. I am still working on my 92TT and have finished with the entire engine rebuild and now working on the entire front suspension which is still in progress. Hope I can get it all done before we have another cruel winter here up at Lake Tahoe. We can get 40 to 60 inches of snow in a day.
For the front suspension, as we are all aware how rust builds up on suspension parts I have gone the extra mile in making sure that never happens to her. Parts that are infamous of getting rusted and corroded are: wheel hub bearings, knuckle, outer edges of the brake rotor, factory or aftermarket, and whatever is metal down there, and all aluminium parts becoming tarnished. I decided to get some new rotors and pads, rebuild the front big brake 4 piston calipers with new pistons and seals. Will post some pics when they are assembled. I was contemplating in getting steel braided brake lines but decided to restore the factory brake lines to a new look as seen in the pics attached that I vapor honed and sprayed on one coat of clear rust preventive acrylic paint. Once the entire suspension is done shall post more pics.


I love how well the brake parts came out.


Hi Joe getting a complement from the man himself is nothing like it, thank you Sir
With this I would like to add the following: there is nothing like bringing an old rusted factory part back to life and giving it another 30 years of life!!! :grinning:
Send me something and I shall blast it for you at no charge!! :sunglasses:

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In addition, for those who are unaware of what TFC ( Thin Film Ceramics ) is, you can visit PB Most people hear the word ceramic coating and automatically think it is the stuff that is used to protect the vehicles body paint.
which is not, this is a spray on material that consists of a percentage of ceramics ( an inorganic non- metal ) which is not your traditional ceramics as in pottery but known as advanced ceramics as explained here: Dr Ian Brown, a senior research scientist with Industrial Research Limited, explains how the term ‘ceramics’ now has a more expansive meaning. Traditional ceramics are clay-based, but high-performance or advanced ceramics are being developed from a far wider range of inorganic non-metal materials. Advanced ceramics have the properties of high strength, high hardness, high durability and high toughness.

You appear to have painted the bores of the brake calipers?!

Yes, this is thin film ceramics and not your regular rattle can acrylic or enamel paint nor powder coating and will not prohibit the caliper piston travel and will not wear off. The bores shall be lubricated with brake fluid pressure at all times so there shall be a thin film of brake fluid between the coated surface of the bore to the machined surface of the piston and will stop at the seal area. I have done this several times and it works great with no issues. This is the power and magic of ceramics :sunglasses: :sunglasses: