Vanity box under radio

Put a new radio in Blue TT and need the slide in vanity box to go underneath as the old blanking plate looks a bit scabby and the box under the Red N/a looks like it should be there.
Anyone got an open fronted slide in box? The N/a is 1993 reg auto Mk1 if you have had one.

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This one?

i did custom plate blanked it of , you can match it to your paint

Thanks Vince just needed the correct header description I guess . Have bought that one.

Thanks Supertec .
That’s what I did but mine was black and I managed to get glue on the front , so looked scabby.
Have what I wanted ( as in Red one) now via Vince on Ebay.
Finding it proves you have to try every combination of description or find it on an official parts list.