Value on Gt 3000

Hello, since my car has a lot of mileage… Isn’t it better to fix and upgrade the car, instead of painstakingly refurbish all original parts? To get best value for the car? What do u guys think?

I mean… if I put on stainless steel exhaust instead of original active exhaust for instance… Will stuff like that give my car less value?

I suppose that would be down to individual tastes, I know modernisation of older cars to make them sound better, run better ride better etc etc, is very appealing to me and others , and I know others who prefer to stick to all original .
I don’t think mods and upgrades like this will devalue our cars , just point them towards different parts of the same market.

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Yeah… This was my thoughts also… I’m new to this car so I don’t know the marked yet… Thanks for reply…:slightly_smiling_face:

Imo value comes down to the eye of the beholder, or value set by the different supply and demand… I personally would not want a modified 3000GT/GTO thus mine sits in high value in Denmark due to authenticity and low milage, but if I would ever get that price the market values it at is a good question, and I would not sell anyway.
People that are into modding and engine enhancement see our stock cars as boring turds and to them a highly tuned car holds much more value, so it all comes down to what segment one is asking value from :slight_smile:

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When you have low mileage, then I really see the value in keeping the car as original as possible… . Mine has almost 250k so that train has left the station😅

:open_mouth: gosh… That is quite much… Miles or Km ??? If miles, then it is really REALLY much

250 000 km… its Swiss imported

Agree with what Enda and Jóhan said, perceived value largely comes down to the personal preferences of the buyer and history of the vehicle (e.g. insurance write off). My personal preference is originality. I wouldn’t mind a lightly modified car but heavily modified puts me off because, unless it’s been carefully documented, it’s difficult to know exactly what’s been done which can make problem diagnosis tricky.

Happy to see another relatively high mileage example still going! Mine’s on 145,000 miles (232,000km).