Upper door trim

Has anyone purchased the upper door trim from the lady in China she wants £160 for a pair ? Is she cosha

There have been a few discussions about those trims and the quality of them, and the general consensus is that the quality is pretty far from oem, but you cannot get original ones anymore, so the question is if one needs to bite the bullet and go with those, or try to recondition the old ones, which seems to be a much harder task then it sounds like, because the coating on them is something that people have not been able to find.

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Mine look ok .i wrapped the metal part with high gloss black but the rubber part is so hard when the window gets half way up it puts so much pressure on glass that the motor struggles , I got a pair of regulators off Joe and fitted after watching his video , they went up and down like it just came out the factory . But last couple of weeks they have been struggling goin up and down, realised now summer time the rubber is soft ish but now it’s cold the rubber has definitely hardened ,

Hi Billy

Have you got a link for them as I might have a look also as I need some


Contact this person Facebook Gruppen

She has advertised on all the gt3000 forums and Facebook

Thanks that’s great have a great safe Christmas :christmas_tree::+1:

That’s great many thanks
Have a great safe Christmas :+1:

I purchased a couple of pairs to see for myself and to make the shipping cost more worthwhile. I have a new OEM set tucked away too. I can honestly say the seller is genuine and shipping is tracked. They took a couple of weeks to get here all the way from China… and they almost got lost at my local depot. I had to chase down the second tube as only one got delivered.

I have inspected mine thoroughly. Quality wise, I think they are pretty good, very good in fact. There are aspects which are not like OEM such as the tabs and maybe the window cushion strips but those are minor and invisible once fitted. The main function of the trim is to provide a solid and good looking seal against the glass - and they do that just fine. They will look a thousand times better than any worn ones and for the price they are a bargain.



That sounds really good… We need all the replacement parts we can get for our aging cars

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Hi Andy
That’s really good to know I will definitely have a look at getting a set then as I’ve been patching mine up for years lol
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Nice comparison, a ok copy is sometimes better than a really bad original

All about fitment

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That’s a great comparison many thanks

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Useful to know. What is the total price including shipping?

They want 150 us dollars for the pair, i don’t know what the shipping cost !

If genuine Mitsubishi isn’t available it’s not a bad price.

I asked about shipping to my location, and I got a quote of 200$ which is more then they actually cost… With that price I would get hammered in taxes and import fees :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If You guys want these trims why don’t You start a group buy to see how many others will join and then ask them for a price ?