Unidentified Wiring

Hey Guys, Peter here from Dublin again. I’ve stripped the rear of the car (thanks Joe for the tutorials)
I’ve found that previous owner rewired what looks like the Registration Light, (in blue)
That’s fine i’ll clean that up properly, But there is another housing sleeve (in red) which has no wires showing but obviously it’s there for a reason, for something which has probably been disconnected.
Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.

There should be 2 registration lights. The other wire is for the 2nd one which has been omitted.


Perfect thanks a mill Joe

Your car looks pretty solid Peter. Is she still on uk plates?

Hi Enda, You would think by looking at the photo wouldn’t you, but I took the crash bar off too and its rotted right through on the opposite side, So i’ll have to either have it sand blasted or sand it back and then cut out the rot. On the upside it will give me a chance to practice my welding skills patching in new steel. (Learner)
Yes still on UK plates as the VRT office near me is closed throughout Covid lockdown.
Any idea what the VRT might be ? Tried their online site, but they don’t even have a GTO listed in the vehicles list.

I’m not too sure about those after market canon exhausts either !!
Yes they give a great sound, but esthetically I don’t think they do the car any justice.
I might change them, What are the options ?
If anyone would like to share a photo of their exhaust systems, feel free to give me some ideas.

Hi Peter, Re:vrt, if it’s under 30 years old they can ask what they like , but the reason I bring it up is with Brexit you may find additional customs and vat charges. I’m only surmising but if you give me a call sometime I’ll explain what I know.
My wife is looking to get a mini restored and shes getting some guy in Meath to vapour blast that car, quoated 1000 for the job. Don’t know if it’s better than sand blasting, haven’t done the research yet.
I have an exaust from Sohons in Trim, was on the car when I got it, sounds good , I’ll get a pic up.
Theres also a guy in Clonaslee doing some good work at a reasonable rate, think he trades under Pipefab but will have to check that. Friend of mine got a custom exaust for a Prelude from him and was excellent job.

Thanks for the Info Enda, i’ll do just that and call you closer to the time when i’m registering.
Cheers Mate