Underside rear steering pipes

Hi I’m looking for a good pair of underside rear steering pipes mine are totally corroded and now leaking and I don’t want to have to do a rear steering delete

Do you have a picture of the ones you need? Or can identify them from the manual diagram. I have had some parts made by a lift hydraulic place - near me - I take the old part along and they just make one - as they have all the tooling etc… did it for my oil cooler lines.

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Hi buddy
Thanks for the quick reply

They come from by the cat the length of the underside

I am with James on this one. Most hydraulic companies will be able to make the lines for you and save on the delete kit.

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That’s great thank you both for you advice I have found a few by me so I will pop around and ask them :+1:

How come so many pipes ? Sure mine only has 5 …steering x2 fuel x1 brakes x2

Yes plus 1 for fuel return and one for the charcoal canister to deal with the smell of fuel vapour