Underbody Restoration

Hi Joe and everyone.
First of all Joe, great work and great idea with this channel / forum.

I have always loved these cars and I picked up a really nice example recently. Great engine (non turbo) great body work. What I didn’t know was that there was a serious rust problem underneath the seller had sprayed it and my roadside underbody inspection was just not good enough.

Anyway I love the thing and it drives great so I want to get the underside fixed then go on to make the car as close to mint as possible.

Does anyone know of anywhere in or around London that could do a PROPER job ?

Hi Colin
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Good body shops are hard to find and very expensive. I never did find one that could do the work to the standard I expected so I ended up teaching myself how to weld. I hope you find the right one. Why not post some pictures of the rust so we can give some advice.

Thanks Joe,
I’ll try and get it on a lift to get some underbody pictures or rig something up with lights and a camera. From what I’m told it’s pretty severe though so not sure my welding skills would suffice.


I have found a guy that has a shop around London that can do the repairs for a really good price and has a good amount of experience welding and does not charge a lot. His name is Jason Edwards. He quoted me 600 to fix the underside of my GTO.


Hi Rex,
That sounds pretty good, would yo be able to share a contact number so I can give him is call?


The rust problem can be extensive on these cars if they are not looked after, multiple problem areas and quite serious ones too. The best thing is to get it up on a ramp and go poking and tapping to see how bad some areas are. If the body is rusty, chances are things like brake and fuel lines can be rotten bad too, so be sure to check where they run under the car and where they go up around the body and at the securing points.

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Absolutely, that’s why I’m looking for someone that knows what is what. Fuel lines and the rest look okay but definitely the floor pans and sills need attention

his whatsapp number is +447864837793 and is post code is NP26 5UT

Many Thanks, much appreciated?