Under body protection

Dinitrol time !Decided to weather proof my pride and joy. Dirty job but well worth it.


Very clear and shiny!

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That looks amazing. Which country are you in?

I’m in northern Ireland Joe. Must get the flag up.

Is this Your own facility You’ve got there Derek ?

Yes, just got lift installed couple of months ago. Getting too old to be laying under a car now plus 40years in construction starting to kick in a little bit.

Nice one we all need something like this :+1:


Nicely done.:+1:t4:… you just gave me an idea for my next to do project, especially how am living near the ocean. :sunglasses:

Yeah I’m a big fan of Dinitrol since using it on a couple of Ford transits over the years, never saw a welder once.

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looks really great bud, something I will be looking into doing.

Thanks man, worth the effort.

Thanks for the tip Spursman, The underside of mine is riddled with rust, I fear i’ll be under there for the next couple of months with sill welding to do too. But when all that is done i’ll definitely be looking to purchase some of that, Cheers

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