Unable to relive the 90s music in my 1991 CD Player

Hello all my name is: YellowDog
I have a: 1991 Stealth TT
It has the following issue:

CD Player is not playing. After inserting the CD, I get the “E” error. Are there any common known issues with the CD Player that cause this error?

First up, try a cleaning disc to clean laser.

I cleaned the laser but the problem is it’s not spinning after the disc is inserted. Maybe the motor is bad. Not sure where I would find a replacement motor for a 30yr old CD player.

I used to have the same issue with my 1991 Toyota MR2 SW20. I would get error if i used “new” cds or if i burnt to a 700mb disc.

Issue was resolved when i used the old style CDs from the early 90s which were 650mb. You can still buy them on ebay.

But if you are sure the motor is bad, then thats a whole other issue.

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I think this motor is bad. Looks like a Mitsubishi part number that was probably obsoleted 30 years ago. If anyone knows where to get a suitable replacement, let me know.

Anyone know if this would be a suitable replacement motor? Might be worth a try for $2.55

Have you tried applying power directly to the motor? If it works you may have another electrical issue.