UK winner of competition is

Firstly can I thank you all for your participation in the competition. There has been a lot of good entries from all over the world.
It is now time to announce the winner of the UK entries and this hasn’t been easy. Without a doubt, the main choice from the majority has been the belt change from Vadim. He has requested a video which is possible to do at home and can be completed without much in the way of specialist tools. However, this is a massive job and with video and travel time included, it would be hard for me to get to him and do the job in one day. It is also a job that can carry some risks if the correct tools aren’t to hand such as broken bolts or the ability to correctly access and support the engine. Finally, the way we may choose to do things on our own car may be best carried out in a different way on someone else’s car. I would prefer to use additional tools for safety that Vadim does not have.

The entry from Lee had far less votes but better meets the criteria in every way. It can easily be done from home, it does not require specialist tools and can be filmed in a day.

So I have decided that the winner for the UK is……………….

Both of them. Yes, both of them.
The competition was for me to travel to you and carry out the job for free. This will be fulfilled entirely for Lee but because Vadim’s request received the highest votes but does not completely fit the criteria, I will still do the job for free but at my location where all the correct tools will be available.
The videos will be completed as soon as time permits and will be uploaded for all to see.
Thank you to everyone that entered and for those of you in the rest of the world, the competition is still open until travel restrictions have been lifted.


Awesome! Congratulations to both :] Looking forward to those videos.


Nice one Joe I’m impressed. :+1: Congratulations lads :wink:


Great, looking forward to the videos!


Great!! Congratulations to the winners! Sure will be two fantastic videos. Thank you Joe


Well done Joe now that’s how it’s done :+1: & congratulations to you lucky winners looking forward to seeing the videos


Well done Joe. What a prize. Congratulations to both Vadim and Lee. :+1: :+1:


Hi Joe - that’s great news - thank you!

I was hoping the belt replacement video would win! I look forward to your video Joe, thanks for all you do. TGett.

Sounds like something a conservative would do to me…less votes but that’s what I want to do, so will do it anyway.

It’s not exactly a biggy is it, spark plug change on an Na is like 30 min job, I thought this was actually going to be something of interest Joe

Sorry that it wasn’t the video you wanted. I didn’t choose the winner, the car or the subject matter but I did pay for the time off work, the 8 hour drive and the camera time. The 2 UK winners were voted for by members of this forum. The other winner in the UK has asked for a cam belt change and was also not chosen by me but I will be paying for it along with the other 50 videos online and the 150 requested videos waiting to be uploaded. I will also be paying for the overseas competition winner who is yet to be voted on by members of the forum. . I am not sponsored by anyone and I haven’t asked anyone for a penny. You can request a video the same as anyone else and if you are not in the UK, you can get it done for free if everyone votes for it. I can’t be fairer than that.


Hey, I think that’s rather rude! Under the circumstances, I think Joe definitely did the right thing. Both videos were the top 2 that were chosen by everyone on here. As it turns out, one was a fairly simple one, changing the spark plugs, and the other is a major one, changing the cam belt. How much fairer could he be? Originally he was only going to have one winner.
To slate a video, because it wasn’t your choice is pretty childish if you ask me.
He does these videos in his own time, at his own expense, for no financial gain, just to help us all out. Where’s your problem? :thinking:


Couldn’t agree more. The guy goes above and beyond. He put up this site, YouTube channel, gives solid advice… Hat off to him, take this site for instance, theres not even a single advert on here or even on any of his YouTube videos, you watch a 2min video on YouTube you have to watch 10 adverts mid video to get some unreliable information. Joe’s in-depth 30min videos…not a single add, priceless information…


I’m totally speechless Joe is a fantastic genuine guy who has taken his personal time and knowledge to help Other owns I really enjoy his videos and I learn a lot from each of them shame on you. Do you have manners ? If so you should apologise for your childish rude comments


Post removed due to non constructive reply. Please keep conversation on topic and friendly.

Great! So glad that post was removed! There’s absolutely no need for that sort of attitude on here!


I’m afraid people have been working on these cars far longer than Joe’s ‘amazing’ videos and doing it far better.

Each to their own breaker’s yard tho I suppose… Graham MK2

If you don’t like what is done on this forum, why are you here? :thinking:


I wish I had known about this sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Could someone please post the location of the people and videos that smilegto is talking about so that we can all make use of them.
Thank you


Maybe after this COVID thing is over we might see you in the USA. Your videos are really that good anyone can learn without having the need for travel.
I hope it’s over soon but I think it’s to weird for it to just end. Our cars are an escape.