Twin turbo replacement

Hello folks

It seems like 1 of my turbo´s on my 91 VR4 is showing signs of going bad and I was just thinking about finding new ones sooner rather then later, but I have this issue with being situated a bit remote here on some small islands in the north atlantic, so I was hoping that any of you people could help me with contacts preferebly in UK as that is closest to my location where I could purchase new turbos from…

There is no option for me to refurbish them here on the islands, otherwise I would have gone that route :confused:

i do have a set from a gto 93 .that are good .can send pics if you like?

Could you please send pictures of them to my email which is: [email protected]
And please also include how much you would like for them so I can consider my options :slightly_smiling_face:

no problem…just got to remove them from heads im selling at weekend and will email some pics.
oh and i supose postage will be a factor too?

Yeah no problem … You do not need to hurry… I am just trying to figure out what the best option for me is…
Shipping would not be any problem as I am situated right north of Great Britain … Only 5-6 hours by boat North here :grin:

I also have a set of turbos from a 91 TT if you need them. Failing that, Rob at evil empire should be able to supply new or even refurb your ones ?

What makes you say they are going bad? Oil in the line? Shaft play? Something I have experienced on a few cars now is one of the hoses that connects to the Y pipe tends to rub on a hose clamp and wears a hole in the bottom of the hose. You cant see it but you can feel it if you reach under the hose and run your fingers on the bottom side. Easy enough to check.

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I have a set of U.K. spec turbos here bigger than gto turbos

I have not tried to check that you suggested there… The reason why I think something is wrong with my turbo, especially the one towards the firewall is that if you rev the engine some, then it sounds strange when spinning back down… There is not a noise as it has anything grinding against something unwanted, nor is there any signs of oil going through them, but it is more that it is very slow to rev back down… I have no idea what can be causing that, but I will go and have a check to see if air is escaping somewhere around that Y pipe

That is what I was talking about, one of the pipes that connect to the Y pipe might be leaking. Easy to check/feel if there is a hole on the bottom side. Ive found it on 2 or 3 different cars. Slow spool down could also be the waste gate not working. If you dont find any holes or big leaks use an air compressor with about 15 lbs of air to blow into the line for the waste gates to see if they open properly.

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Turbos are very easy to rebuild….just watch a few videos and buy the rebuild kits…