Turbo undertray for sale

I have a spare turbo undertray for sale. It is a bit neglected and has some minor splits and damage but nothing that can’t be repaired if you know what you are doing.
A few years ago, I would have thrown this away but given how rare these are, I know that someone will need it.
No metal work is with it and it comes as seen in the picture.
I thought I would offer it to forum members before sticking it on ebay.
This will be collection only due to size and fragile nature of item.
Looking for £50. Send me a private message if you are interested. To send a pm you just click on the Joe90 avatar.


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Hi. It is still for sale?

There have been a lot of enquiries about this but no one has handed over the money yet so it is still available. Collection only from Lincolnshire.

Ok. Do please tell me what I need jet to put this tray in to my car? Only what I have is just motor under bumper

There are a number of metal brackets and edge trims needed. You will need to remove them from your old tray.

Look into this post where I posted things that are situated around that tray

Uuu Ok. I understand now. Unfortunately I dont have old one and I dont have spare parts. Thank you Joe.
Ps. I really like and watch all your movies on YouTube and waiting for more :blush:

50 quid is an absolute bargain. Suprised nobody has snapped it up. With abit of patience and time it could look brand new again.

Joe, I know that you were working on a reproduction for these about a year ago. Any update on that?

There is 2 other people saying that they are producing these so I did not bother going any further even though I have paid for the moulds and materials. You may want to search previous posts to find out if they have any updates.

Thank you for the response. I hope that you are doing well and can continue your journey.