Tuning help - North West England

Hello I’m still new to these cars really so sorry if this has been discussed previously.

Just rebuilt the engine, starts fine now and just went to do my first break in pulls and the Blitz SBC was beeping at me anything over 30/40% throttle and it felt a bit lacking in boost, kind of blippy, cutting in and out (sorry for the poor explanation).

Previous owner had installed the boost controller installed and I’ve not a clue about then coming from n/a cars :sweat_smile:

So, ideally I’d like to get it properly looked at and running right either on a dyno or by someone who really knows these cars. I’m based in Chester, Cheshire which from looking means I’m nowhere near anyone :sweat_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :raised_hands:

Hi mate - I live in Chester also! I think I may have seen your car about driving past Upton Heath school (by the Zoo) in the mornings sometimes?

The only place I know of round this way that I am familiar with is a place just past Flint. Its called Silver Fern Performance

they used to be on the Deside Ind Park but have recently moved. they have worked on my GTO, and also work on RX7s, Supras, Evos etc.

I would recommend them for sure


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Hi Lee,

Ahh that’s awesome that you’re local! Unfortunately it won’t have been me as mine isn’t on the road yet. I bought the car 4 months ago with no engine in and have spent this time doing a complete rebuild. Not on the road yet (test I did was on a private road by my workshop, with permission)

When it’s sorted I’d love to come have a look at your car, make sure I’ve put things together correctly :joy:

I’ll check out those tuners for sure post lockdown, thanks man :blush:

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No problem mate! That would be great to see yours when it’s all sorted, look forward to it. I wonder who drives the other red gto in chester, I have seen it a few times now…

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Might be mine. We quite often go up to Chester at the weekend and park by the law court.
We live on the Wirral. Stuck in tier 3 lockdown at the mo so won’t be up for a while. Can’t even go the pub for a pint. :cry: :cry: :cry:


The car was a Red MK1 like yours but I think the wheels were stock…I have only seen it a few times - always between 8.30am and 9am. Your car looks stunning by the way!


Thanks Lee. :+1:t2: Maybe if you find the missing gto, it would be good if we could all meet up
one weekend in Chester in the summer ?


Sounds good to me :blush: would be good to see your cars

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Maybe cableguy has an answer. He is helpful

sounds like a plan! I am up for that

I’m over in Runcorn (someone has to be, I suppose…) so count me in for a meet-up at some point. :grin:



Looks amazing DanOwen85!

It’s a 10ft minter - any closer than 10ft and you can see it’s scruffy as an old sheepdog. Lots of paintwork correction and trim refurbs to do over the next year or so. :grinning:

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