Trip to America

I will be in the States later this month. Does anyone need me to bring anything?
I will be in Florida and texas.
Would anyone like to meet up? Maybe in Daytona or at the old town car meet in kissimee?
Just DM me.


Hi Joe!

If you can find me a 99 front bumper and 99 turn signals I’d be a very happy man!

So hard to find in Europe, and no one wants to ship these damn bumpers.

Have fun there!

Sorry guys and girls.
I don’t think that I was descriptive enough with my offer so I will try to clarify for you.
I will be travelling to the states for my family holiday. We will be travelling as civilians on a domestic aircraft with the cheapest seats money can buy.
I will not have time or the money to scout the junk yards or ebay for the items that you may want. I will have 1 piece of hold and 1 piece of carry on luggage. If I have something that you need and it will fit in my luggage, I will bring it for you to save shipping costs.
I will not be able to bring bumpers, doors, wheels, dashboards or engines.
I may be able to bring things like V-belt crank pulley, snake eye lenses, RHD vents or tail lights.
I will not be able to bring anything back to the UK.
I hope this clarify things and please remember to direct message me rather than put messages in the open forum. Thank you.


I need a complete power sun roof for the 3000 gt . Doesn’t matter if i have to waite one or two months , I would appreciate it very much if you could find it for me .

Hi Joe, when are you planning to be in Texas and where? It would be great to meet you and treat you and your family for lunch as a thank-you for all the free tutoring and advice I’ve received from you. I am in San Antonio

Replied by private message.

hey Joe, I am looking for the clips for my 99 3000gt side skirts that clip the side skirt into the car. Do you happen to have any for me to buy? Id like to replace them all as the side skirts are becoming a big loose, thanks! - Marco

Also, any plans to visit New England while you are in the states?

Sorry, I can’t help with the clips but one of the other posts from someone else was about aftermarket clips. I am only going to be in Florida and possibly Texas this trip. Maybe somewhere else next time.