Trim on rear windshield

Does anyone know if its possible to get this trim piece on the 1996 base model? I cannot seem to find anything anywhere on the internet about it. Is my only choice now to just paint it black?

Seeing as you are in the states, It might be worth trying Cherry hill. They have quite a lot of discontinued parts.

ok ill give that a try, thanks.

I know it’s been a while but any luck? I also have the same issue with no luck locally.


I actually found that trim piece in perfect condition off one of the facebook groups im in for these cars. Bought it for around 120 dollars. However most people just remove the old brittle rubber, sand down the metal piece with like 320 grit and then just paint it black.

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Mine is pretty degraded as well, first time I drove my car properly it started flapping around so violently I thought something in the driveline had exploded lol.

Thanks I will keep looking :slight_smile:

will see how this trim piece holds up in new jersey during the coming winter. Thats what destroyed my trim piece mostly just all the ice and snow. Im actually tempted to just take off the new piece I got since its in perfect condition and just put my old one back on. I tried removing all the old brittle rubber but it was quite difficult because the rubber is basically very sharp plastic now.

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