Transmission whine

Hi all, just wondering if it’s normal to hear gear whine whilst at speed?

In my car, particularly around 80mph, I get a somewhat loud whining sound that is load dependent and changes pitch based on speed. The whine disappears on overrun. Changing gear doesn’t change the pitch of the whine.

All drivetrain oils seem ok, changed the gearbox TC and diff fluids, plenty came out of all of them.

I don’t really mind the sound I just don’t like the thought of damage being done.

My car is a 1992, naturally aspirated 5 speed.

Naturally aspired, then yours is front wheel drive. Whining could be wheel bearing. Is the sound coming from one side of the car or more central. Where exactly does it sound like it’s at?

I get a winning sound near the middle back, I’m assuming it’s my rear differential since the sound goes away when i letup off the gas.

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If he is not in the North America then he is still AWD.


Hi, yes it’s a japanese car so it’s NA and AWD.

The sound does seem as though its coming from the front of the car, not sure if i’m just being a bit paranoid.

It changes pitch based on speed and gets louder if I accelerate hard.

I don’t know If I would be afraid my gearbox is going to explode or be happy with the fact it makes racecar sounds.

Really I’m just wondering if anyone else with this spec car experiences whining as well.

My N/A AWD whines but I’m pretty sure that’s the rear diff

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I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not a big issue, I’ve gone around the transmission, transfer case and rear differential and changed all the fluids again.

The levels were OK in them all, and there was only a small collection of very fine metal particles stuck to the drain bolt of the transfer case which I guess is fine.

I’ve literally spent thousands and thousands on trying to cure the whine in my 6speed I’ve literally changed every bearing on the car had the gearbox overhauled numerous times by so called gearbox specialists and yet still at 80 mph it sounded dreadful.
In the end I bought a second hand gearbox and sent to another gearbox specialists and he made the best out of 2 gearboxes. I’m happy to say it’s 80% better but I can still hear and I hope it just doesn’t get any worse. As I’m unsure what was changed in the gearbox to make it better.

A couple things to check: what ever is causing the sounds is affected by speed… the things affected by speed besides gearbox and transfer case are drive shafts, differentials, wheel hub bearings, and the bearing attached to the extention shaft that connects the c.v.axle on the opposite side of the grarbox. I believe jie has a vedio about checking the wheel hub bearings. Any videos you need that arn’t posted can be found at “Eric the Car Guy” YouTube channel. He goes into great detail on how to identify where a noise is coming from. As for the wheel bearings, you can jack up the car and feel if there’s any slop in the wheel. Also check to see if anything is touching any part that’s supposed to rotate.