Transmission Removal on VR4

I know this has probably been brought up countless times before. But in case it hasn’t been recently, is it possible to do a transmission removal and disassembly video? It doesn’t have to be on a turbo model, even though I have one. So long as the differences are explained along the way. I completely understand if there are higher priority items that are in the works and if life is too busy. I simply would like to know so that don’t destroy anything that I can’t fix. If not, that’s ok too. I don’t want to tackle this job without knowledge. Thank you
Kiweel USA

I assume removal is similar on turbo and non turbo AWD, but disassembly is different between turbo and non turbo. Turbo cars have Getrag transmission and non turbo are Mitsubishi. I’ve disassembled both and the process is different.

Thank you, I have so many questions regarding this and it seems really intimidating. I’ve read up on the manual numerous for disassembly but I’m lost and have no clue what to do on certain steps. I haven’t touched anything yet because I don’t want to cost myself thousands of dollars in repairs. I know some parts are next to impossible to find and must be sourced from spares. That’s a road I definitely don’t want to go down.

This is a video that I would love to do but it is quite a long job and I don’t have any cars that need one removing right now. Maybe in the future.

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I understand this can look daunting- but remember on this Job it’s just undoing a series of bolts etc… there is no timing or precise measurements to do. The most important thing is make sure you have the clutch alignment tool and take your time. I have thought about making a video of this myself as I may be swapping a transmission soon etc…

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How about disassembly of the Getrag transmission on VR4 models?

Working on transmissions does often require some specialist tools and isn’t something I’d recommend to do yourself unless you’re experienced with transmissions.

Thanks Joe, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

In my experience, removing of the transaxel assembly alone, in particular a TT model, is quite a daunting task especially if you are doing it by yourself. It is also a pain to get it back on again due to the simple fact that there is very less clearance that you have to work with and not mentioning the possibility that the darn thing just may slip off the jack stands by mistake while moving it up into position. Especially by yourself with no help in the nearby areas using an engine hoist to haul up the entire engine and transaxel is the wise choice. Some simply do it from the bottom but have the machines to haul up the sub frame high enough. An engine hoist or cherry picker as we call it and two heavy duty jack stands placed directly under each swing arm will do it. Its just tedious work from there when you have to dig in and take stuff off; exhaust, driveshafts,power steering lines, A/C lines and whatever is attached to the firewall. Also getting to the rear mount bolts is a challenge per se. The good side is that you now have the entire engine and transaxel out and ready to play with and gain the knowledge of what these engines look like from every angle and the experience.

May i also add, get yourself a hard copy factory manual before you embark on this journey into the unknown, tons of info on 3s FB groups and forums. 3SGTO FB to start with.

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Thanks, I plan on going the route of only taking the transmission out alone. I’m not going to take the engine out since it’s in good condition in an operational sense. However, I completely agree on the part of getting the car up high enough to have enough space to get it from under the car. I do have a cherry picker. But I’m just going to use a transmission jack to guide it down from the engine bay. I definitely plan on doing my best to maneuver it in a way that I won’t damage the input shaft.

Be aware that the AWD turbo transmission is very heavy. Heavier than you would think. Don’t try and manhandle it on your own.

It might seem like a lot of work but I would consider taking the engine and gearbox not complete. It might just save you time and stress in the long run.


did mine on my own…axle stands and a carjack…was not to bad …

Did my gearbox with my dad. Had an engine crane which made things a bit easier. Hardest bit was realigning it back on the engine.

So an engine hoist is going to be my best friend?

I think so, definitely.