Torque converter with ring gear and starter motor

!992/3 Mk1 3000GT Z16A automatic.

Due to duff starter motors and dodgy engine gearbox plate I need

Torque converter with decent ring gear together with the starter if poss that engaged that ring gear.
I have new plate on order from Evil Rob so looking to sort about 3 weeks time.

Try Japattack on ebay - they have a few GTO’s breaking atm

will do thanks. Does engage at moment but not properly (sound like a bag of nails so embarrassment really)

Rob Evil could not get plate but luckily got the spacer plate from Graham Roberts.
But if you know of anyone breaking early auto please let me know as ring gear /torque converter/starter desperately needed .

Wayne Coxon breaking MK1 auto in scunthorpe I have torque converter,plate and starter. Nice guy.