Timing Belt Tensioner Bolt needed


My son and I are rebuilding his Grandmother’s 97 3000GT base model. Great passion project for sure. We are doing the water pump and timing belt but have misplaced the timing belt tensioner bolt 12mm #7. I can’t find a readily available part number. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I’m assuming you are located in the US. I don’t have the size right off hand but can look tomorrow since I just tore my TT engine down and have things tagged and bagged.

I could get you the size and if you’re unsuccessful finding a replacement I might have a same size in my stash.

Good day. Thank you very much! Yes we are located in the US. I since did find the part number at partsouq MF140234


I did not try to order from there but did attempt from Mitsubishi Parts Warehouse last night for a fair price but they alerted me it was discontinued. Thanks for any assistance

MF140234 is coming back as an AC bracket bolt for a 08+ Lancer and Evo.

The part number I found was MD173607 for the timing belt tensioner.
If its the timing belt tensioner pulley bolt it is MF244884
If its the bolt for the support arm that the pulley mounts to it is MD145360

Every one of those numbers look to be available to purchase on different sites. I looked at the tensioner bolts and they are actually shoulder bolts. The threads are M8, but there is a shoulder where it goes thru the tensioner itself, so its not a typical bolt. I only had time to do a quick look, but so far no luck finding an extra in my stash.

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Great! Thanks for your help on this. Hopefully we have it running mid December.

You gotta ask them if they can order it from japan. I ordered some discontinued parts recently and the guy at the mitsubishi dealership told me he would contact someone in japan to get me the parts. I got them, though it took like 8 weeks lol.

They usually know. I’ve had a few parts where they gave me the heads up it would be coming from Japan in case I didn’t want to wait.

And go back and read my post. I think they gave him some bad info.

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FYI, if you are still looking for the bolt, BOLT-3607 - Bolt Mount Hydraulic Tensioner to Block (each) | 3SX Performance Home Page . 3SX performance out of North Carolina is a good place to start.

You could also try Amayama bolt