Timing belt change video?


Thanks for setting up the group!

I’m in Ireland. I’ve owned my GTO since 2015.

I would like to change my timing belt. Can anybody point me in the direction of a good YouTube video demonstrating this?

There are many videos out there but very few if any good ones.

Lol some eg of ones ive seen - advising to jack the engine via the oil pan… ,not using some kind of cam lockers , poor demonstration of setting the timing marks for the new belt, poor camera angles ( I know this is difficult) . It goes on, so can anybody point me in the direction of the definitive video or willing to make it ! :slight_smile:


Hi there, dont think there is such a thing as a proper step by step video. I could be wrong but I think Joe may do one in the near future. What part Ireland you from btw, I’m north coast.

Hey, I’m in Galway. I bought mine just outside Belfast. It would be great to have a proper step by step video alright

The first part of my reply is to everyone who requests a video. Please could you provide your name, country and state/province so that I know who I am responding to and others get to know if there are other gto/3000gt fans near to them. If you want to remain anonymous, just make up a fake one as long as I am not talking to random letters and numbers.
Secondly, I will be very happy to do this video for you. It is not a job for the faint hearted but can still be done by the person at home. I am starting on engine videos in about 2 weeks but filming at the moment is being held up by the virus as Mitch (my camera man) lives 35 miles away and we are not supposed to travel.
I have seen one good video on how to do it but I must admit that it was a bit rough around the edges.
Thanks for the request.