The turbo restoration story

So , you have all seen the turbo car that I sometimes use in the videos. I thought you might like to know a bit about it so here’s a quick run down with pictures.
I bought a pair of turbo cars about 3 years ago. One of the cars was supposed to be a runner but needing attention and the other was this car.

It came without doors, a rotten interior and a partly stripped engine. The car was for parts only and had been sitting outside for years.
On close examination, it turned out that the runner had a rotten shell but this car was solid underneath so I decided to rebuild this car and scrap the runner.
First job was to strip out the engine bay to start on the engine and see what I have to work with.

It looked pretty bad on the face of it but after cleaning, a liquid chemical converter was sprayed onto any surface rust and the iron oxide was converted to zinc oxide. This will prevent any future rust problems in this area.

The engine bay paint was very carefully matched by eye to get the original factory colour and finish.

Now begins the re-assembly starting with some ancillaries.

Now comes the fire wall.

Now the brake lines and some more ancillaries.

Now the cross member, steering and more ancillaries.

Finally, the rest of the odd bits ready for the engine.

Now begins the engine rebuild. I didn’t manage to find many of the pictures but I think that these will give you a good idea of the work involved.
Every cosmetic part restored and the techniques used will be shown in future videos.
A few more ancillaries.

Time to put the engine in.

Now lets start on the body work. Each panel in removed in turn and sanded down to factory primer before a fresh coat of paint at just the right thickness to look original.

Well that’s the story so far. I am never in a rush nor do I have the time for quick restorations to this standard but I am hoping to complete this car this year and I will show the rest of the pictures when it is completed.


Really impressive work so far. Thanks for sharing with us Joe!

Wow that’s really great to see your process and the amount of detail your engine looks new thanks for sharing your pictures looking forward to seeing more and when it’s all completed

That car will be deeply impressive when finished

Fantastic looking engine bay. You are the master of gt/gto restoration. Love all your videos. Keep it up Joe.

Super job Joe, my favourite colour on these cars.

Looks great Joe. Lot of work involved there.

Lovely job, I wish I had the skills and patience to do the same. Paint job looks great too

Great job once again!

This is what the channel is all about Ross. I hope to show every trick and secret over time on how to do the perfect restoration yourself and on a budget.

That looks fantastic so far. Great work

Half the speed twice the quality as they say. Good work.

Joe, you do such beautiful work. Your attention to detail is amazing. Well done!
Cheers from South Florida, USA…