The Joes gems section is returning

Many of you that have been on this forum for some time will remember a category called Joes Gems. This area was used by myself to clear my surplus parts and to help others with hard to find parts. Any sales paid for with Paypal were donated to charity. By doing sales this way, I could clear space, help the 3000gt community, help a local charity and avoid the grief of setting up a business as the profit was so small, I could just declare it in my personal income for tax purposes.
Following the ongoing problems with our mentally challenged trolls, it was necessary to remove the category and I only gave access to people that I thought were personal friends.
I later discovered that the world has changed. There is no such thing as friends anymore. The word friend has gone the same way as decency, common sense, loyalty and dignity.
Even a so called friend felt compelled to share the private area with others who then set out to cause more problems which led to the entire shut down of the category and the loss of valuable funds to a local charity.
I am pleased to report that after much deliberation, I have decided to re-introduce the category for all. I have registered the 3000gt/gto restoration brand name as a business in the UK.
The registration number is 13454909. You will get a receipt with any purchase. I am not registered for VAT so you will not get a vat receipt.
This does not mean that you will suddenly see me advertising anywhere or competing with other businesses. I will not have hundreds of product lines or be running a huge retail outlet.
I have no interest or time for these luxuries. I just want to help others in our community with hard to find parts which I may have a surplus of. New parts are being manufactured all of the time so even if you don’t find what you are looking for today, check back another time.
It will take a few weeks for me to set up bank accounts etc so payment options will be limited to start off with. If you see anything in the Joes Gems section that you would like, you can send me a private message through the forum or call me on 07401 272744. Please remember that this is more a hobby than a business so I may have to call you back if I am working my normal job.


Thank you and look forward to seeing your gems :).


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Good to hear, your help will be much upreciated.

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Excellent News Joe

Your expertise and determination to find product or new suppliers for parts for our cars is exceptional, having spent many hours trying to track down parts I require only to end up with the incorrect item.

I can only imagine how much time and effort not to mention money has gone into sourcing parts, this section will be especially valuable to those of us on a restricted budget.

A big thank you

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This is good news Joe. You make a huge commitment to what you do regarding our cars so all the best going forward.

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It’s so sad that a few knob heads caused this whole issue for ya mate, any decent person who actually watches and sees the time you put in and the generosity you freely give out would know that you were simply doing it to help other enthusiasts. These my mongrel people that sit behind their keyboards and attempt to tarnish the reputation and causes suspicion over motives of genuine people like your self should be publicly flogged. I’ll continue to ignore all their crap and support a genuine honest person like you JOE you have been instrumental in helping me rebuild my dream car. That gave me a purpose and something to work for after being hit by a car while doing my job as a postman and having to deal with internet trolls myself saying that my smashed pelvis and shoulder was a way I could milk Australia Post for Insurance money!! This has made your story even more upsetting to hear because as much as we try to ignore this these dick heads do get in your head and mess with your emotions. Stay strong mate, stuff the idiots and I wish you all the best in life my friend :+1: Craig Perth Western Australia


Excellent for we drivers of this car although mine I rub and polish more than drive. It’s a matter of time.

HI Joe, glad to hear the reinstatement of this section, glad to hear you’re standing up against the idiots, don’t let them ruin this remarkable thing you are doing for us, gratefully yours.

We are absolutely quite a few here who are extremely happy about all the effort you put in Joe, and I can say that I appreciate it so much with all the help you have aided me with :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi Joe. Me and my brother have just purchased a 1991 blue 3000GT.

We were wondering if you offered services for restoration and parts? We live in the North-West of England.

I have some parts available in the Joes Gems category. A website with many more discontinued parts will go live when I return from Ukraine at the end of the month. I don’t generally work on other people’s cars because I am not a mechanic, I am not insured to carry out work and I don’t have any spare time but I sometimes help people who drive to me looking for advice.