"THE GREAT WHITE" coming along

Decided to give that nightmarish :rofl: ugly factory black oil pan a make over

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dang looks so clean I bet you could eat off it lmao

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Yes if i ever run out of cookware, the oil pan shall be my next option :crazy_face: apart from the funny comments, GTO owners can begin to ask the questions below:
is all those white parts including the oil pan done in rattle can paint (enamel or acrylic)? NO, is that powder coated ( epoxy, acrylic, polyester)? NO, so is that anodized? no the oil pan is not made out of a non ferrous metal so it cannot be anodized, ok, so what is all that white material on all those parts? guess!!
Clean, clean, clean, now we can actually see what GTO parts actually look like!! :crazy_face: and on top of that no guessing games on where the oil leak is coming from and on top of that a material that is 100% anti- rust and corrosion free for the next thousand years, a little bit of acetone on a clean rag will remove any oil and dirt that gets on it from below.
What?? did you say acetone? Oh my lord! what is that material, now you got my attention!! :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:
No done yet more pics of stuff to come! get your shades on, all that white may hurt your eyes!! :laughing: :laughing:

As you all know, I am not a fan of modifications but I have to say that you have done a very impressive job.

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ceramic coating I would hazard a guess at

Thin film spray on ceramics is correct, a highly corrosion, chemical and heat resistant material that will stay on for ever until it is actually blasted off.

Thanks Joe, yes I myself is not a big fan of modifications when it comes to cutting stuff up just to fit that aftermarket part, however, I have upgraded a few parts or simply removed it for better engine response and performance. One of my objectives using ceramics is to deal with corrosion such as rust for good where all other of the shelf paints including powder coating are not chemical resistant and will fad or chip away. I hope you shall be amazed when I post pics of the front suspension, hub bearings, rotors and calipers. These components rust up immediately and very hard to disassembly during service and some parts simply break off due to rust that is highly corrosive to all metals.

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