"The Great White" cometh!

Driver side almost done, fitment testing. All done in Storm Trooper white ceramics.
The first ever suspension and brakes that will NOT entertain a spec of rust for a thousand years!! :rofl
Shop mechanics be-aware use nice clean gloves when working on my GTO I dont want your dirty greasy finger prints on any of my clean white stuff!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:


Going with after market wheels like the rest of the world!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I still have the stock chrome rims but two of them are fairly damaged and to get them refurbished will cost around $600 and on top of that they are the standard 17" and I wanted wider rims of better road grip in todays world so I went with 18’s all around. Fitment for aftermarket rims for our cars is a pain in the @%$ regardless of what others say. And I like the 5 spoke design which matches the wide body shape of this car. I just bought one rim for test fitment and everything looks darn good. I hate to use spacers but this particular rim and design fits perfect leaving much mm for caliper clearance and no need for spacers, and is some what flush to the outer edge so no need for fender rolling, but we shall see once the front is lowered down to the ground with Ksport coils.

So I bought the rest three Size is 18x9 all the way round for her with Michelin pilots, yet to get them on.

They look good, where did you get them from? Ive always wanted new aftermarket wheels but I know if I get it and they dont fit, ill be pissed lol.

Thanks they are Enkei wheels not that expensive in the mid range price. The Enkei RS05RR’s were first on my very short list perhaps next year I shall get them and they are in the high price range but they are the multi-spoke design which looks good for box shaped vehicles like the Subi’s.


Those wheels were on my short list also, they are really nice. Wheels make or break a car

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This is what happens when you get old and dont pay attention!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I just discovered after fitment that I should have done before coating the rotors that they are 10.86 in diameter where it should have been 11.65, that is why the rear of the rotor was making contact with the 10mm bolts holding the metal dust shield and the brake pads were far off from the contact surface so now i have to buy the correct size rotors and this time I am going with StopTech that has great reviews.

Decals on calipers something different, test fitment on all suspension parts fully assembled

in a week or two