Thanks a lot Joe

Received a pair of snake eye lenses and two sets of dash vents last week, would like to give a massive thank you for great products.

Been looking for oem RHD dash vents for a few years without any luck, apart from a lead in Australia a couple of years ago which ended with the guy ghosting me when asking for a shipping quote.

These are fantastic with great attention to detail, I wasn’t expecting seeing the lettering on the backside and such smooth surface. Fitment on the supplied photos show a bit of a gap, but I’m fairly certain that is just due to the spare dash that I tried them on - which have been sitting for close to a decade while in my possession.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending either of these, thanks Joe! :+1:


Unfortunately, the dashboard shrinks back over time. There is a video that shows how to correct the shrinkage but if it is only a couple of mm, I wouldn’t bother. You won’t even notice it once the dash is back in with nice new vents.
Thanks for the feedback.


Really nice! Are these 3D printed?

No. They are injection moulded as original part but from more modern and durable plastic.

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Good to know! Saw some aluminum aftermarkets. Seems to me they’d get way too hot from the sun. Next time I pull my dash out I’ll have to drop them in. What’s the price?

I only have them for RHD cars. Mitsubishi still sell them for LHD.