Thank you shell1978

I just wanted to say thank you to shell1978 (michelle) who has just sold me the remains of her MK1 car which has sadly come to the end of its life following an accident.
It was sold to me for a good price so that it could be used for videos which will help others. A noble thing to do and I know we will all benefit from the car.
Because the car is not financially repairable, I will be selling of some of the parts that are not needed for the videos so let me know if you need anything and I will save it for you. Michelle has already removed some parts for her new car and all the usual parts that we all need are in a bad way so the usual weather strips, fog lights, exhaust, sail panels etc are all gone.
Better luck with the new car Michelle.


Is it a VR4?? You know about my continues search for atleast 1 part of my exhaust :face_with_monocle:

No. It is a N/A GTO. I do have a rear section of exhaust but no luck with middle section yet.

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Thanks for reply Joe :slight_smile: That middle section seems to be a proper bugger :poop:

Hello Joe,
Fantastic news!
Is it an option to make some pictures of this car available, so we can get an idea of the parts remaining, this prevents many questions from all of us :slight_smile:

Good idea. I will get some posted at the weekend. The car is still on the trailer at the moment and I am on double shifts until then.
Please remember that some parts can’t be removed until the videos are complete but I will be happy to save them.

Do you think the front windshield wiped link assembly is in good condition on that one?? Mine looks like the bushings are not in too good shape as it has a tendancy to squeal when operating (have tried changing the wipers just to eliminate that the sound did not come from them) and the only thing left are the bushings in the link that I can assume have started to go bad.