Thank you Joe from the US

A big shout out to Joe for his video’s. Just finished doing the 120K service, along with fixing my lifter issues, new injectors, complete radiator hose exchange, replaced both CV axles, fixed/replaced the door card fabric, and replaced the carpet. Can’t say enough on how these videos helped and motivated me to do more. Now on to replacing the front and rear turbo’s. I do need smaller hands though :). I will be needing a small loan though soon hahahahaha.

94 VR4 244,260 miles and still going strong!!


How did you go about replacing the carpet? Did you buy a new one?

Yes I did buy new carpet. Removed all of the interior, checked for any issues, the fitted in the new carpet. For all the side coverings remove the old carpet and glued on new pieces that I cut. I’m fortunate to have access to an industrial sewing machine