Thank you Joe for the dashboard videos

My car - 1992 Stealth RT TT

I finally pulled the trigger and removed my dashboard to replace my broken vents. I have to give credit to Joe for the videos he did on removal and repair of the dashboards. I wouldn’t have taken this project on without the information he provided. Evident by the fact that I have had the new vents sitting in my shop for 15 years.
So a little information for anybody else who may want to take this project on. It took me three hours to remove the dash because somebody had bent the clips holding the center heat vent. I was able to straighten them once I got it out but what a fight! The repair took about 10 hours and I had to completely rebuild three new mount points for the vents that were broken and missing. Installation took five hours as I took my time and double checked all the electrical connections and made sure the fit was right. I ran the car after installation and everything works perfectly!
Again, thanks Joe for the videos. Your the best!


Thanks for the feedback Terry. I am pleased that I could help. If you practice it a few more times, you can get the whole job done in about 2 hours. :joy: :rofl:

While I agree that “practice makes perfect” and “repetition equals efficiency” I don’t think I will be doing any more dash vents. I’m just getting waaaay to old to be standing on my head in a small space! :grinning: If I did try it again I think I would pull the seats and give myself more room to work, not that I plan on doing this again but you never know. My next major project might be the timing belt and water pump - hint, hint. As soon as “somebody” comes out with a video on it - no pressure. :thinking: :rofl:

I hear you Terry. That video is programmed in for the competition winner in a couple of weeks time.

Wow so very impressed. That is not for the faint of heart. The cracked vents are the last piece of a total interior makeover for me. But I fear doing that on my own. Question - if you cut off the screw mounting points could you place new ones in their without the hassle of pulling the whole dash? There are still clips that could hold it in, no?

Nothing to hold it in apart from the screws.

Which country are you in. Maybe I can help.

United States. I’ve gone in there. Seems like it wouldn’t be any worse if I got new ones and cut the screw portion off. It’s in three pieces now!

Just a note. If you don’t fix the underlying problem of the dash separating it’s never going to look right. The picture is from my dash project and I didn’t think mine was bad at all until I pulled it. I had a solid 1/4 inch of separation all the way around that I fixed using Joe’s method. It’s really not a horrible project. Follow the videos and have plenty of room to work in, take pictures with your phone - that alone saved me a few times.