Temperature Guage Repair

Hi my name is Jeremy and im from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA.
I have a 1995 3000gt SL, Auto that I recently bought and am fixing up, your videos have been a tremendous help so far.

The other day my temperature gauge stopped reading, the needle sits at the bottom and doesn’t move, it worked the last time I drove the car, but doesn’t any longer. I don’t believe my gauge is broke, i believe a sensor may have gone bad actually

Could you make a video showing us how to troubleshoot, and repair or replace any parts needed to make the temperature guage work again? Thanks!

Jeremy, ironically I am super local to you. I am just outside Smithfield.

There are two different temperature sensors on the water housing. There is a one wire sensor that is for the gauge, and a 2 wire sensor that is for the ECU signal. Check to make sure the wire is not broken first. If it is not broken you can verify if the gauge is good or not by turning the key on and grounding that wire. If the gauge pegs, then the gauge and the wiring are good, and the sensor is just bad. If the gauge doesn’t move then you either have a wiring issue, or a bad gauge.