Taillight assemble

Hello from Orlando Florida. New to The Forum and interested in finding tail light assembly with yellow indicator turn signal. Are these only in the UK and abroad or does anyone have them in the United states?

Okay, figured it out .these are on GTOs,
Out of my price range. Will try and put in LED brighter watt bulb for turn indicator.

Welcome to the forum.
I have seen them in some of the northern states but not in the south. I don’t think that they were fitted for North American models.
I have a set that I can sell you or I would be willing to do a straight swap for a red set the next time I am in Florida.

Thanks Joe, that would be great I’ve got an extra set that I snagged at the recycle yard, can work something out most definitely .let me know next time you’re in town or headed this way.

I would be there now mate if it wasn’t for this stupid travel ban because of covid.
Where in Florida are you?

Hey Joe, I stay here in Orlando and travel back and fourth to Miami to see family. Both cities have international flights.
I’m actually closer to Orlando Sanford International, OSI.

I used to work for HTS in Miami and I have friends in Ovedo and near Sanford so I know both areas well.
We will definitely meet up when I manage to get over next.

That sounds good Joe. Hopefully the covid-19 will be over with soon , then it’s on to hurricane season for us here in Florida .

Sorry so late I forgot to hit send. LOL still here.