Tailgate top strip removal

Hi everyone, I’ve enjoyed watching the videos on YouTube and particularly the ones regarding water leaks. After doing some digging I’ve noticed a few gremlins and some residue of rust on the top of the window. I’ve noticed a few drips when it rains inside and I’m thinking it’s possibly coming from the outside where the strip is above the glass on the tailgate. Any ideas how to remove this without destroying the 30 year old clips? Is it similar to the strip at the bottom of the window?

Welcome to the forum. It shouldn’t be possible to get leaks there because the clips are on the outside of the metalwork and rubber seal. Removing the strip will almost certainly break the plastic edge of the strip or clips or both due to age. The way to remove the strip is by running a plastic trim tool along the bottom edge, starting on the right hand side with the tailgate door up to gain access. I will try to do a video for you soon. Be sure to remove the rubber door seal and check the metal behind as this is the most likely place for water to enter in this area.

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Hi Joe, Thanks for taking the time to sort the forum and the videos out it’s really helpful. I’ve had the car for about 18 years but it’s amazing what you still learn.
Thanks for replying about the leak. I tried the rubber seal on the boot today as I thought that was a great suggestion but surprisingly the top part was clean and the rubber seal was in good nick. As the boot was open though I could see that rusty residue as I said before on the top of the window and inside the actual boot frame so I was just wondering if the water was seeping in between the glass and the body under that strip. I will wait till you get a chance to do a vid though as that will help. Thanks again. Dieter

This is what it looks like behind the strip. As you can see, there is nowhere for the water to get through unless the glass has become un bonded.

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Thanks for that picture, I think I might sit in the boot and get the Mrs to hose the back and see if I can see any possible breaches that might indicate the window bonding before I attempt those clips as you say. Appreciate the help tho mate.