Switching seat backs

As most my drivers side bolster is getting totally worn. My parts car has had the aftermarket covers installed but not a fan(personal opinion). while looking at them I was wondering has anyone tried switching the backs only from pass (which usually is good) to drivers seat. The only thing I can see is the seatbelt guide. Has anyone tried this? am I missing something that would make it impossible ?

Excellent question! I’d like to hear from anyone… or you, if you do try it yourself. I’d be tempted to pay an upholsterer to make the swap since my work never ends up being “perfect”.

Slowly into the process now. I have removed the backs off the spare set off the framework. As I disassemble I’m going to measure and see what the difference is. Maybe all I can do is use the leather panel itself , not sure. The only other thing I noticed is the lever on the console side of the passenger seat would be on the outside of the drivers. This in my view would stay and be a non-functioning piece, but the trade off would be a clean bolster. Some may not like this and may prefer torn leather to this option. Like I said, just a experiment to see how it goes on extra seats. That’s the plus of being in Canada ,have all winter to come up with this stuff lmao.

Good luck! I checked mine and I see what you mean about the lever positioning. I might just bite the bullet to have new leather covers made. There are plenty of shops here down in boat country… sun’s not at all merciful on exposed leather (or vinyl) seats.