Switch on climate control

Hey again folks…
I would like to ask if any of you know if anybody could tell me what this switch on the top of the climate control does??

I’m sure Fahrenheit to Celsius

It’s a bit unclear what its for, i’ve tried all three positions and it didn’t make any obvious difference at the time.

There’s some post somewhere on some forum (can’t remember) saying it has some effect on the blower modes, as in you can get different combinations of air blowing from different vents or something like that depending on the switch position, though I only found this after i put my dash back together so i haven’t verified it.

Hmmm interesting… Btw, if any of you know what the different pins on the rear activate, then I would be happy to get to know it… I would like to power it up to see what functions on it, but I cannot find a diagram that shows which pin is power in and which is ground and etc.

Was discussed on 3si

Quote: “It changes the “home” position of the temp servo. I think it is either for the factory setup so hot or cold air coming out the vents matches what color the little arrows are, OR the range of hot\cold adjustment you have.”

Here’s more to read:

I experimented with this switch yesterday while the target temperature was lower than the interior and exterior temperature (DCC was attempting to cool down the interior).

My observation, at least in this situation, is that the further the switch is to the left, the more “aggressive” the DCC is in trying to reach the set temperature, through various combinations of colder temperature blend setting, higher fan speed, and switching from fresh air intake to recirculating.

I really need to try again with the target temperature higher than the interior and exterior
temperature to see it holds true in the opposite direction.

Hmmm, interesting :face_with_monocle: that switch is not put there just for nothing

I did some more experimenting on a cool night with the target temp set warmer. The result was opposite of my previous experiment, so the switch seems to be a temperature calibration or bias adjustment of some sort?

Left position seems to be biased toward more aggressively cooling.
Right position seems to be biased toward more aggressive heating.
Middle position seems to be somewhere in between (and seems to be the position that most people have reported finding the switch to be in originally).

Next I might do some further testing where I monitor live climate control data to see if the switch seems to have any impact on the resulting temperature according to the cabin temp sensor.