Suspension questions

Hi all, can someone give me some more info on the front shocks on my tt mr. Front tyre to arch is only 35mm but the rear is nearer 70mm, seems a big difference to me but maybe that’s how they all are. Iv been offered a pair of bc coilovers for the back just wondering if they would be ok to mix with what’s on the front. I have to do something about the rear anyway as some plonker has fitted a spring that isn’t the right one for the car.

Gaps on front and rear are fine Derek, I’ve got KYB socks and Tein S Tech Lowering Springs all around with about same gaps. I wouldn’t mix the suspension have not tried this but doesn’t sound good to me !

Thanks spiros, yeah sort of thought that but really want to lower that a bit especially the rear but will have to decide whether coilovers or springs.

The front gap it looks fine without coilovers and yes the car will look even better with the rear a bit lower. In the past I was reluctant about coilovers just because of the state the roads are in and the road bumps everywhere. But a set of good adjustable coilovers will be nice !