Suspension mods

Hi, does anyone have a set of lowering springs that would fit an mr car. Eibach are the only ones that fit I believe.


I don’t know what type of suspension you have on your car, so Info below may help

I am prepared to be corrected but as far as I know the Eibach springs are only for 4WD without ECS and available from EE in the UK @ £ 279.95 I presume plus P&P but if you have ECS then Tein do a set @ £168.00 or on Ebay at present for £142.80 from Larkspeed Performance

I have Eibach springs on my car and they don’t seem to lower the car very much, if you look at “Brillo’s 1997 MK3 GTO SR” Sept 20 you can see the ride height with the Eibach springs.
I have tried uploading the photo to this post but it will not work

Thanks mate, yeah mine is non ecs with factory adjustable kyb on the front. Its really just the rear ones that need lowered as it sits higher at the back than the front.

Well if you have a look at that photo of my car with the EVO X wheels on it you can check out the rear ride height with the Eibach springs fitted, it just did not seem much lower than it was before they were fitted to be honest.

Are they not supposed to lower the car by 30mm or am I wrong?

You are correct it is supposed to lower the car by 30mm but it does not seem to from my experience.

I have previously had a set of Tien springs on a Nissan R32 which were supposed to lower the car by 30mm but only actually lowered it by 15-20mm I was told that they would “settle” after some use but they never did.

I tend to take the claims from Spring suppliers as a guide only

Yeah probably right. Problem with our cars is they sit quite high at the back from stock so minimum 30mm is needed.

If you are only doing the rears, then LeeGto very kindly passed on a spring supplier that custom manufacture springs, he had rears made for his car although his is on ECS shocks and the pattern would be wrong for a Non ECS shock.

He told me he sent them a existing spring from his car and told them the height reduction he required and they made them for him, if you look at his beautiful silver car he ordered -45mm you could gauge the height he achieved.

The company was :
Springcoil Limited
2 Woodbourn Hill
S9 3NE Tel : 0114 273 1111

That may be a option

That’s really good to know,thanks a lot. I’ll probably go down that route as I’m happy with the front setup.