Suspension choices

Hi all, are we limited to just tein or bc coilovers? Has anyone used another brand and if so were they ok. Also opinions on eibach lowering springs as my is an mr. Thanks


I was just looking at Tein’s myself haha. The roads here can be a bit rough so It would be nice to have confidence of driving with a new suspension. Curious to see what others say!

I had TEIN on mine, but after they failed and I had to replace them I decided to look around, and I came across Gecko coilovers, and I decided to give them a try just because the price was so crazy cheap compared to TEIN (which I think were quite costly, and did not even give that good ride) and I cannot say anything bad about them so far… They have been on the car for 2 years now, and they have not changed or started making clunky noises, so I can only give them thumbs up from me.


Haven’t heard of that brand but must check them out. Thanks for the help.

I have tein on mine and the ride on 16" wheels is excellent. Lowered and stable cornering but maintains the smoothness of the ride. I take mine out for 6 or 7 hours and have no aches or pains after


Can’t find Gecko coilovers in Uk for 3000gt / gto !


I was going to go with the np3s coil overs off of ninja

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I dont think Gecko has seller in UK… You gotta order over the internet… Think mine were like $900 or something like that


pretty cool looking!


Here is the installation of the Gecko coilovers on my car… Note the black brackets… Those you have to manufacture yourself as they dont come with the coils, and you have to have them to hold the lines.

There are 2 versions of the coils aswell… I think they were called street and race or something like that… I have the race version, and they come with 22 possible settings for soft to hard, so you can really adjust the stiffness in a great way, and I read somewhere that they are using alot of the same components that TEIN use, but they just sell them ALOT cheaper then TEIN and are more flexible… And one huge thing with them is that all the components are interchangable, and you can get spares incase something breaks.


I was looking to buy new rims but when I looked at my stocks I noticed the wheels almost rub up on the springs of the suspension. Do 3000GTs need to swap out suspension before getting new bigger rims?

Are those skinny springs as effective as the stocks? I don’t want a rough bumpy ride… I’m not willing to sacrifice a smooth ride for nicer rims.

Hi , bigger rims will definitely give you a harder ride. If you use the car as a daily you may not like it. Depends on how many miles you do.

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Those wheels are a nightmare to find, because as you noticed, they come extremely close to the springs, and the brake rotor also comes worryingly close to the spokes on many wheels… I ended up getting the correct wheels on my 3 try as I live very very remote, and there is basically no chance of test fitting wheels before order, so do your research properly and ask around for pictures etc. I have seen some put spacers on for clearance, but I refuse to use such things as I dont want to put any unnecessary stress on bushings.

For the coilover part I can only answer that I had TEIN suspension before I fitted my current one, and I thought the TEIN was way way rougher then the current one… I dont know how the OEM shocks feel as I have never tried them (I dont think I also would want them as I dont like the stance the car sits at with OEM) but I am well pleased with these… We dont have the best roads here on the islands, but my car does not rattle and bump around on the road while driving and I have my suspension set at around 40% stiffness

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What you on at the moment?

Im running Rota Torque 18x8.5 ET35 with 235/45 wheels and those fit without any hassle… I was thinking about going 19" but I know that the car will be alot rougher, and I dont want that, so I decided to stick to 18" and instead lower the coils abit… Found that to be a better option for me.

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Ok but what coilovers are you on? Curious as I’m considering a set. Cheers

Gecko coilovers race something… Cant remember the full name, but it is those with 24 levels of stiffness setting