Sunroof leaking?

So thanks to a rip in my headliner I was able to get my phone up there and take some video/pictures and found apparently this is where the water is coming from. My question is has anyone seen this black part of the roof? is this part of my sunroof? Anyone have any ideas on where I go from here on how to fix this leak?

Please could you post this in trouble shooting.
This category is for repair and restoration services which are available.

Moved it didnt notice I had it in the wrong category. I dont really know what else to do at this point. The sunroof seal looks fine on the roof, I checked everywhere else I can check for water but its just dripping in that one spot. I took my car to 2 different places looking for help and got turned away by both shops because they dont want to touch the car out of fear of things breaking. I could try and take the headliner off but I dont think ill be able to get it back on. I watched your headliner removal video and the headliner came off in 1 piece. But on mine it seems there is foam backing in different sections all above the headlner and around the sunroof.

I would love to help you out but I just can’t seem to get hold of a car with a sunroof. I just bought a stealth to do some videos on that but the sun roof versions of these cars have just not come my way and I don’t know what to suggest at this point. I hope to get one soon.

thats ok ill figure something out at some point.

Thought id come back to this to give an update. I figured out the sunroof wasnt quite fully closing, it looked closed but wasnt sealing the way it should. Turned out to be the sunroof motor was broken. Its actually an aftermarket hollandia 300 sunroof. Replaced the motor and the sunroof now fully opens and closes and no more leak.

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