Stock Outter Tierods

I noticed my outter tie rod boot was cracked and low on grease. I was going to replace the boot and pump some grease in there but there is no nipple to insert a grease gun valve. Do I have to buy a whole new outter tie rod, replace it, and then get an alignment? If that’s the case, That’s so annoying! Should I go ahead and replace it or drive it until it actually goes bad? Right now it is structurally sound. No shakes or loose parts. Wheel is firm when I shake it from 12&6 and 3&9. If there’s a secret to this someone please let me know. Thanks in advance!

If there is a secret, I don’t know it. You can buy replacements that have grease nipples. If it was me, I would drive it until I get some play but thats not a recomendation. If you hadn’t have noticed it, would it have made any difference? Fortunately, they aren’t too expensive but the alignment is so it is probably worth replacing both at the same time to save on a second alignment soon.


Thanks you for the response my friend. Have you received the radio yet?

Nothing yet. The present shipping time from the states is 3-4 weeks. Did you remember to put gift and very low value on the shipping paperwork buddy?

I think I put gift, but I for sure remember putting $25 as you mentioned. Again, thanks for all you do!