Stiff accelerator

Hey guys,

Another irritating issue i’m experiencing,
The accelerator pedal in my car is stiff, I find it hard to modulate the power accurately as it needs a good hard push before it moves anywhere.
When I took the thing for its MOT today (it failed), I was launching from traffic lights at something like 50% throttle whether I like it or not.
I’m not sure if the pedal feel is normal, i’ve never driven a car with a mechanical throttle linkage before so I have no frame of reference.
I’ve tried spraying the actual pedal pivot but there was no change.
Any ideas on what I can try?



Check the butterfly valve in the throttle body- this could be sticking - spray some WD on the hinges and see how it goes


Wow. I have the same issue. 1992 NA manual. Always has irked me because downshifting sounds like a ‘rrrrrr’. Not a nice quick chirp. People probably think ‘look at that silly girl trying to sound cool’. LOL

Worth using some proper cleaner for the intake to remove any deposits. Mine idled much better as it gave a better seal when closed… as a bonus

Thanks for that. I did give the throttle body a clean with the correct cleaner but didnt think of the hinges. thanks

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do you have cruise control?

Yeah, I hope that’s not the issue as the network of cables coming in and out of the thing looks complex.

I’ve got some free time this weekend so i’ll give the throttle body a clean to see if that helps at least.

Pedal cable goes into cruise box then throttle body .maybe take top off cruise box and see if there’s a problem there …or if you don’t use cruise delete it and stick a MR cable on .

Just an update on this, I ended up taking the top off the CC box and spraying around generally in there with some WD40.
I also cleaned my throttle body with some carb cleaner and an old towel.

This did free up the accelerator quite a bit, I think i’m happy with the way it is now thanks guys.

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