Steering wheel re-cover

Could you do a video on how to re-cover the steering wheel with new leather, mine is in real tough shape and I just got it covered in hockey tape for now :slight_smile:



Afraid not. This is a specialist job. There are a number of specialists that can do this for you.


Bummer, it did seem like it was going to be a real tricky job to get it looking right. Thank you for your time. Just a quick side note I got my passengers door and side skirt swapped out and my car looks better than it has in years. Your videos helped me a ton!

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I have a really horrible steering wheel. I got a really nice steering wheel cover and would never remove it. i have forgotten all about the horrific steering wheel underneath.

Redline Goods in the US does excellent work on recovering steering wheels. I had them do mine.

The new leather cover is around $130 USD (before any discounts that they offer all the time) and install is around $175 USD.

It sounds expensive, but as Joe said, it is specialist work. Not something I wanted to do myself, and I did all the bodywork and painted my car.