Starting motor/automatic gear box

As you can probably see from earlier posts I am really struggling to get the Red one back on the road as I cannot find a starter that meshes with the torque converter.

The car is 1993 3000GT Vin Z16A-0015379 (N/A auto 4WS.4WD pop up headlights) so I’m guessing its one of the last MK 1’s ?

The gearbox is excellent and car will start but only when the starter “catches” after couple of key turns and it runs perfectly. However the start sounds awful and will destroy the ring gear /starter with the noise its making.

I had this problem when the gearbox was refurbed about 2 years ago and that was caused by fitting Galant ring gear to torque converter which took a while to recognise ,but was solved immediately with Converter/flex and starter from Graham Roberts. However this time I have fitted a “matching set supposedly” and even though it worked perfectly on the donor , it wont on mine.

I am now thinking of changing complete gearbox /flex/torque/starter with a second hand unit from japattack in Scunthorpe but their unit is from a 95 car so not sure if it will fit.

My engine is a 6G72 and they have gearbox stamped W4A331UNQ1 SDE2074
any ideas where you can find what fits what.
Or if you can figure out what’s the cause of my prob and save me £500 I will pay for it .

All of the transmissions will fit the engine. The bigger question is will the driveshaft and torque converter fit the transmission.
There may also be other peripheral components that may have compatibility issues.
I am rather busy right now but when I get some time, I will look up the correct part numbers for you so that you have a matching set.

Typing your frame number into the Amayama web site says your car was manufactured 1/10/92


Clicking through the parts tells you what was on your car when built … though matching what is on it now is your issue. Not sure if Amayama canhelp much but it does show a lot of info your actual vehicle. It’s a good reference anyway for the future

many thanks will take a look on the site . That is 12 months before what I was originally told.

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Thanks Joe. Jap attack also have a MK1 1991 box and all the bits and car is in the garage for last 3 weeks and just sorned it till its sorted. Will hold off buying the box till you have sorted parts and will go and try and log down the current parts numbers as now have 2 flex/torque converters and about 4 good starters .

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No problem , often the manufacture dates and actual registration dates, in whichever country,can be months or even a year or more apart.