SRS light wont go off

Hello all my name is Gary. I have a 1992 GTO and the SRS light on the dash is continually illuminated. Is there a common problem that will cause this? Can anyone suggest the best place to start looking to resolve the problem?

It might just be a case of resetting it…Rob sells a tool to do just that

Or if you want something a bit more fancy, this one made by BlackStealth is pretty cool:

Have you used the blackstealth one ? Would you recommend it ?

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Yeah I have one, its a very impressive bit of kit tbh. I haven;t used it to reset any codes to be fair…but I have used to observe live data and seems to work well!

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I posted some pics on page 7 half way down

pics andfuel trim video

I don’t suppose you still have the blackstealth scantool and would be willing to reset my SRS light?