SRS air bag fault

Hello all my name is: Chris Carrigan
I have a: 1991 GTO 3000 VR4 twin turbo
My car has had WOF today ( NZ for MOT )
SRS airbag light is on all the time. Along with other things which are all ok to fix , Just dont know where to start with air bag fault.
I have the books for the car ( service books ) a lot of reading.
Any ideas where to start , My garage says to start with the clock rings.
any help would be great.

Do you or the garage have access to a scanner that can communicate with the SRS ECU?

Yeah I second that. I wouldn’t start on an electrical diagnosis without getting all the info I can.
In my limited experience with SRS systems, it’s usually a resistance value that didn’t pass a self-check. Could be a bad connection/corrosion, but many times it is the internal resistance of whatever component.

I don’t know what’s more probable to have failed, but I would start learning what all components there are and inspect the wiring and see what capabilities these cars had for SRS systems in 91. If you could somehow find the resistance values of the various components in the car you’d be made in the shade.

No access to a scanner with SRS ecu even Mitsubishi NZ says clock spring is obsolete.

I have to book for the car , Full workshop thing . i will remove clock spring and check .

i have asked for pricing of the clock spring from 3SX . will see what they say

Might have to delete SRS steering wheel air bag if it cant be fixed . dont want to but what can it do

Has the garage given a reason as to why they suspect the clock spring is at fault?

If you’re interested in buying a scanner, @BlackStealth might be able to help you.

Alternatively, Evil Empire Performance over here in the UK sell one (don’t know if he’ll ship to NZ though): GTO and 3000GT Airbag and SRS Error Code Scanner & Auto Reset Tool

And 3SX in the states: 3SX Airbag / SRS Code Scanner & Light Turn Off Reset Tool | 3SX Performance Home Page

Most common reason for SRS light is:

  1. Battery voltage got too low during an extended crank (ie. weak car battery).
  2. Working on the dash, and forgetting to plug in a connector and turning the ignition key to on. The SRS computer will freak out.

I am the source of these SRS reset scantools. I have one in stock, send me a private message.

Yes for me mine was always fine until I needed to remove the battery a couple of times. Then the SRS light appeared so I am assuming it was something to do with the battery hook up but I really do not know for sure. All these years no light no all of the sudden a pesky bother

The way I read this thread, I was assuming his shop was just throwing parts at it/ guessing what is most probable to be the problem.

Question : Wouldn’t the SRS light reset after disconnecting the battery? That is, if the reason for the light was as Black Stealth mentioned, key on with something unplugged or low system voltage.

Car has new battery and its on optimizer charger . i will have to ask about Scan tool . i am going to remove steering wheel and check the clock spring for continuity as per the service book i gives the pin out of the clock spring.
3sx cant get them
Mitsubishi cant get them
cant find it on ebay.
if any one has any ideas ??? please help.

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Are you saying that you can’t find a clock spring? Which country are you in?
It would be helpful if you would set your country flag in the settings so that people in your country can help you.

ok did not know that sorry . i am in new zealand .
i will update profile

I can help with a clock spring but it would be better if someone nearer to you has one because shipping is very expensive.

Hay thanks joe . i will get my one off the cars and check it out . no one here can get so might have to get one from you . i will update once i have checked it out


ok i have update.
i have tested the clock spring with my multi meter ( i am a sparky )
tests all ok .
i removed it from the car to test. and thanks to all the videos on youtube i did not damage any of the dash plastics.
i have a question ? i have Maxiscan MS309 OBD2 scanner will it work with GTO if i get plug converter from OBD1 to OBD2

I got the same problem on my car since I bought it. I did replace clock spring and it fis few problems, but not SRS. My battery is good. What it could be?

Have you had someone reset the code? The SRS light won’t go away by itself.

Reset it many times. I will crash sensors somebody told me…

i ended up deleting SRS box . air bag light is gone . you just cant get a new clock spring any more