Speeometer cable

Hi Joe,
This is Mike from Mississippi. My speedo is reading about 10-15 mph slow. I am unsure if the cable needs replacing or just some adjusting. A video on this will help tremendously. Thanks

Hi Mike
I am sorry to say that I can’t do fault finding videos without seeing the car and knowing what the fault is. This is not a common fault to me and I have only ever seen one car with a cable instead of the usual pulse counter. It is most likely that either the cable has a break or the power display has faulty capacitors. Sorry I can’t help more.

Thanks Joe, I never thought to research the speedo and how it might function. I assumed it was a cable but I’ll do more research. Thanks for your swift reply. Mike USA

I have a similar issue, though not quite that far out. My 1993 Stealth TT RT/AWD 5 spd is about 7km/hr slow. I am running 265/40 R18 Continentals so tire size is close to OEM.

Hi Barry
I am sorry to say that I have to give you the same answer as I gave to Mike. I can’t do a video about a specific fault without having the car. I can give you a long list of possible causes but it may not be any of them. I have only had this fault twice. Once was a faulty gauge and the other was faulty speed sensor. Your fault could be either or neither of these parts. Your best bet is to find someone local who is willing to help you swap parts by substitution until you find the faulty part.