Speedometer cluster

Hi any has a broken cluster from a gen1 turbo, i need the face of the speedometer in miles and km coz in my country we use km and my dial is in miles only, have big problem with speed cameras. :slight_smile:

There is a conversion kit available that adjusts your cluster to reflect kph instead of mph, its an electronic module and a KPH decal to cover the MPH.
Actually scratch that, itโ€™s probably only available Kph to Mph. All the Gto models should have Kph as the primary Dial


Assuming that your MPH speedo goes to 180 MPH then you can purchase a KPH dial that goes to 260 KPH and just change the face.

Here is a links to the seller : Type one : https://lockwoodinternational.co.uk/product/gto-kmh-dial-part-no-c620/ Type two : https://lockwoodinternational.co.uk/product/gto-kmh-dial-part-no-8093/

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I will try to change only the face with both miles and kilometers so that i leave the milage in miles since it has already a lot of miles in miles. :slight_smile: i am trying to contact lockwood for a custom made.
Thanks for your help.

Lockwood dont do custom any more. Its a pitty because they are really nice dials

If you just remove the face from your MPH speedo and fit a KPH speedo face the odometer and trip meter will still be in miles the speedo face changes nothing but what you see

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Yes that was what i had in mind, but i wanted to be an oem not aftermarket. If someone has a broken cluster with both miles and kilometers i would gladly buy it. Btw i want it both miles and kilometers because transport malta may be difficult to see the milage in miles and the dial in kilometers only thats why i want both. :slight_smile: when the car is classic there are many restrictions.

I have one but I need in miles.
If you want we can exchange
Iโ€™m happy to pay postage and send it to you, if you are happy to do the same
Iโ€™m in UK, SL7 1TS. Where are you located?

Im located in malta :malta:. Mine is only in miles? Yours is in miles and kilometers or kilometers only? Any pics pls?


Check out this Ebay listing I assume this is what you require

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Hi, i checked out every cluster on the whole ebay. The one you sent me the link is nice, but its a little expensive. Knowing that i only want the face.
Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: much appreciated.

Hi everyone, anyone knows if the clusters are compatible in all the years? Thanks